Writing a Statement of Purpose

All applicants are required to write a
statement of purpose.

Please submit a type written 500 word minimum essay responding to the following questions:

  • What were the most significant events in the past four years of your artistic or design development?
  • What are your principal interests and concerns when not making art or solving design problems?
  • What kind of material (books, magazines, exhibitions, films, etc.) do you read or view about art, design or culture?
  • Does your reading and experiences affect how you design or the art you make? If not, how do you think about design solutions and creating art?
  • What are the strengths and—importantly—limitations of your art and design skill, of your creative work, and of your academic research and writing skills?
  • Name an artist or designer, past or present that has inspired you to become an artist or designer. What about their work did you find most intriguing?
  • What would you hope to achieve while attending Kendall?
  • What are your goals as an artist or designer?
  • You may email your Statement of Purpose to: kcadadmissions@ferris.edu or send it in the mail to the attention of the Kendall Admissions Office.

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