Admissions Team

Theresa Chiles

Admissions Officer

Employment History

Twenty years in hospital OB/GYN, nine years as a student and mother, and Admissions Officer at KCAD since February, 2004.

Educational Background

B.F.A. in Painting/Printmaking from Grand Valley State University

Best Achievement

Obtaining my degree while raising a blended family of seven children.

Favorite Artist, Movement and Museum

Joseph Solman, American Expressionism

Top 3 favorite works of art

  • Joseph Solman, "Studio"
  • Helen Franken Thaler, "Gray Fireworks"
  • Altimira Cave Paintings

Favorite quote

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” -Thomas Edison

Who do you think every KCAD student should meet?

Napoleon Hill – Founder of The Science of Success (1883-1970)

Favorite medium and why

Paint, for its ability to aesthetically please me as well as keep my hands in my work.

Which art book would you recommend to students?

"The Art Spirit" by Robert Henri

What is the one thing you do not feel should be represented in a portfolio review?

Anything that shows little or no effort to create – whether in amount of time or quality of work.

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