Laptop specifications, software packages, and peripherals vary by program.

You can find the technology requirements for your major by clicking on the link in the column below.

When to Buy

Students are expected to have their laptops and software by the second day of class. Please make sure to order your laptop and software in advance. We recommend ordering 3 to 4 weeks prior to the start of your first class.

Software should be installed prior to starting classes. Check out the Software Ordering section on the technical support page to order your software from the college. If you have trouble with installing software, the college's technical support staff will be available at designated times.

Kendall Apple Store Online

You may purchase your laptop through the Kendall Apple Store, online with Apple, or at your local Apple store (make sure you are receiving the educational discount). All students are required to provide a receipt to the Student Services office. Failure to comply will result in a hold on your student account.

Technology FAQs

Learn more about technology at Kendall including information about where to order required software.

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