Board Member Description

Mission: To establish mutually beneficial relationships between the College, its alumni and its students


  • Graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design (3 year term) or
  • A current student - faculty recommendation only (1 year term)
  • Possess strong leadership abilities and be willing to work as a team on various activities


  • Attend four regular board meetings and one annual meeting each year
  • Serve on one committee and/or serve in a leadership role. Leadership roles include President or Committee Chair
  • Committees Include: Alumni Relations Committee, Student Relations Committee, and Membership/Nomination Committee

Current and Past Committee Activities:

  • Graduation Luncheon for Senior Students
  • Distinguished Alumni Award Reception
  • Annual Festival Paint-In
  • Represent Kendall at events and activities
  • Participate with the College in a variety of student interests and/or career services programs through direct contact with faculty and staff
  • Alumni Auction
  • Alumni Directory
  • Create Activities to assist students in transition from the classroom environment
  • Develop programs to keep Alumni in touch with Kendall
  • Contribute to Portfolio
  • Assist in producing the senior CD-yearbook
  • Help increase the visibility of the board to the community, students and other alumi
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