Mark Reigelman

Introducing Mark Reigelman.

Rainbow Gathering II (The Huddle)

Rainbow Gathering II (The Huddle) is a site-specific installation consisting of 2,500 hand-painted plastic figures individually adhered to a wall and arranged in an 8' diameter circle. The process by which art is deemed good or acceptable by the established art community is rarely transparent. Museum curators, gallery directors, and selection committees make final decisions which may seem arbitrary and mysterious to the artist. In the age of popular programs such as American Idol and Dancing With the Stars, where the audience at large is the final arbiter, art and entertainment are becoming increasingly democratic, yet still remain unpredictable. The "huddle", whether in sports, business, or in art, is the universal symbol for closed circle decision-making. It is, by nature, exclusive. Reigelman's installation celebrates the form of the huddle while exaggerating its scale, rendering the essential function of the huddle obsolete.

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