ArtPrize Education Program

Don’t Look Down on Anyone

As part of the ArtPrize education series, KCAD's Art Education program will be offering exciting sessions on-site at KCAD's 17 Fountain St. building for Kindergarten through 12th grade classes.

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Don't Look Down on Anyone

For ArtPrize 2014, KCAD is looking to expand the impact of Education Days with two separate, focused curricula—one for students in grades K-5, and another for students in grades 6-12—aimed at exploring the various reasons people create art and promoting ideas of self-worth and respect for diversity.

The K-5 curriculum will focus on a celebration of individualism and diversity, utilizing visual art standards and integrated social studies standards to prompt students to consider why everyone is uniquely important. The 6-12 curriculum will employ the same base structure, but will take a more rigorous approach by helping students consider some of the reasons why art has been made throughout history as they analyze examples of personal, social/political, and event-specific art. Scheduled activities, which will include discussions, videos, stories, presentations, and hands-on art making, will reflect a universal design for learning, meeting the needs of all different types of learners, including visual, musical, kinesthetic, intrapersonal, interpersonal, and linguistic learners.

Students in both curricula will culminate their experience by creating artwork that will become part of a large-scale political action installation, entitled Don’t Look Down on Anyone, which will be located in the atrium of KCAD’s 17 Fountain Street NW building. The installation will feature a pyramid-shaped pedestal anchoring hundreds of connected strings reaching up to the atrium’s second-floor balcony. There, attached to the strings, will be the artwork created by an intentionally diverse group of K-12 students. Each student will be asked to create a continuous line drawing that will be framed and hung as part of the installation.

K–5th Grade

Don't Look Down on Anyone is the theme of our studio exploration and presentation celebrating diversity. Students consider why everyone is uniquely important as they create descriptive self-portraits that will be a part of an installation displayed at KCAD during ArtPrize.

6th - 12th Grade

Why do people make art? With KCAD faculty as their guide students consider some of the reasons artists create as they analyze examples of personal, social/political, and event specific works. Students will be given a studio opportunity that will explore the idea of art as social action as they create self- portraits to be included in an installation titled “Don't Look Down on Anyone.” This installation is a social justice statement that will be installed in KCAD's atrium and will be on display throughout ArtPrize.

Sessions are located in the Kendall atrium, 17 Fountain NW. Each session is limited to the first 30 participants, and will last approximately 45 minutes.


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