Rosen Rants: Pop-Up Park

Posted September 27, 2013 in Rosen Rants

Rosen Rants is a brief, impromptu weekly address designed to spark conversations throughout the KCAD ecosystem. Participate in the ensuing discussions via the comments feature below.

In this edition of Rosen Rants, Dr. Rosen considers the notions behind the pop-up park on Peart St. between the two KCAD buildings during ArtPrize 2013.

  • Stacy September 30, 2013

    I am a huge fan of the pop-up park! At first it feels sort of daring to walk into this former street lane and sit in it like no car will hit you, but then it’s very empowering. ...And that new vantage point- It’s nice to look down the street for more than the amount of time it takes to check for cars- in a way, it refreshes the pre-park landscape around Kendall (as we perceive and recall it) as well. We should have a new park on a different block every month…

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