Sculpture and Functional Art Careers

Make a living AND make a difference.

The work of sculptors surrounds us in museums, public gardens, city centers, galleries, office buildings, and in homes. These artists connect with the masses and engage the senses. They inject beauty and craft into unexpected places, asking us to explore and discover the inimitable appeal of art in the third dimension.

Careers in Sculpture and Functional Art

Our Sculpture and Functional Art graduates lead professional lives as:

  • sculptors
  • woodworkers
  • cabinet makers
  • custom furniture designers
  • metal artists
  • fine arts craftspeople
  • model makers
  • figurative artists
  • decorative artists
  • special effects artists
  • installation artists
  • gallery owners
  • curators
  • furniture finishers
  • exhibit designers
  • set designers

Employment Links

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The following links provide employment information specifically for Sculpture and Functional Artists.

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