Health Care

Make sure you are covered.  You never know when you will need health insurance.

Kendall students who do not have private insurance have an option to purchase health insurance through Ferris State University. This is a basic health insurance plan underwritten and administered by a private insurance company, United Health Care, and provides plans to numerous universities across the country. The insured period generally covers the start of fall semester through the start of the next year's fall semester. There are enrollment periods each semester at a prorated cost.

Student Health Insurance Plan

Kendall students have access to a student health insurance plan offered through United Health Care. You will need to enter Ferris State University as the name of your institution when searching for the plan on United's website.

For more information, please see or call 800.767.0700.

International Student Insurance Requirements

All international students are required to enrolled in an insurance plan through HTH Worldwide (The University's approved insurance carrier). For more information, please see Kendall's requirements.

Local Health Plan

There are two health plans available for low-income residents of Kent County. Visit for membership and enrollment information.

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