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Organization Description

The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) is a student organization dedicated to promoting excellence in architectural education, training, and practice; to foster an appreciation of architecture and related disciplines; to enrich communities in a spirit of collaboration; and to organize students and combine their efforts to advance the art and science of architecture. AIAS is open to students of all majors within KCAD and is constantly seeking collaboration and partnerships across all majors and disciplines.

Contact by: Facebook - KCAD AIAS

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President: Courtney Parks, Advisor: Juli Brode, Associate Professor in the Master of Architecture program


AIGA, the professional association for design, stimulates thinking about design, demonstrates the value of design and empowers the success of designers at each stage of their careers. AIGA's mission is to advance designing as a professional craft, strategic tool and vital cultural force. Founded in 1914, AIGA remains the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design, and is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) educational institution. Membership is open to all majors.

Contact by: Facebook – Kendall AIGA or

Contact the organization for meeting dates/times/locations.

President: Abby Bedford, Advisor: Suzanne Jonkman, Associate Professor of Graphic Design

Art Education Student Association

Art Education students will learn about the Michigan Art Education Association, opportunities to get involved with local arts education projects, service projects, and conferences.

Contact by: Facebook - Kendall Art Education Student Association

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President: Megan Armstrong, Advisor: Dr. Cindy Todd, Associate Professor and Chair of Art Education

Bodies of Art Bodies of Art (BOA) is a KCAD student organization that brings together students of many different creative abilities from a variety of majors with a common interest in fashion and design. Our goal is to showcase the works of students in fashion-related events. Our organization hosts fashion-related events for the purpose of emphasizing fashion in the Grand Rapids area and to also raise funds for a variety of causes. BOA meetings are held in a creative, opened-minded atmosphere and all students are welcome to attend.

Contact by email: or by Facebook: B.O.A (Bodies of Art)

Wednesdays from 11:30 am – 12:20 pm in room 212

President: Jennie Reid, Advisor: Kelly Muschiana

Christian Fellowship

KCAD Christian Fellowship is open to everyone who is seeking to learn and study more about Christianity. This group meets regularly to worship and praise the Lord, study the Bible, and encourage each other in the journey taken with Christ. KCF also seeks to explore and develop members' artistic gifts for the glory of God and service to others. Kendall Christian Fellowship's goal is to create a strong community of believers and to rock this world for Christ!

Contact by: Facebook – Kendall Christian Fellowship

Co-Presidents: Ryan Parrish, Advisor: John Koziatek, Graphic Design

Clay Collective

The KCAD Clay Collective is a student group dedicated to the advancement of art education through ceramics.

Contact by searching for "Kendall College of Art and Design Clay Collective" on Facebook.

President: Nathaniel Large, Advisor: Israel Davis, Assistant Professor of Sculpture and Functional Art

Collective Pressure: The Printmaking Club

Collective Pressure focuses on several areas of drawing/printmaking, professional development, social networking, fundraising and community service. Priority is placed on maintaining a student moderated open figure drawing session (once a week), group critiques, exhibition opportunities and community service.

Contact by: Facebook – Collective Pressure

President: Jenna Para, Advisor: Danielle Wyckoff, Assistant Professor of Printmaking

D.Composition: The KCAD Drawing + Mixed Media Collective

A student group focused on drawing and mixed media. D.Composition focuses on several areas of drawing/mixed media, professional development, social networking, fundraising and community service. Priority is placed on maintaining a student moderated open figure drawing session (once a week), group critiques, exhibition opportunities and community service.

Contact by: Facebook – D.Composition - KCAD Mixed Media and Drawing Collective

President: Isaac Smith, Advisor: Deb Rockman, Professor of Drawing

Dance Collective

The KCAD Dance Collective is a place for all dancers, novice to expert, to come learn and enjoy dance together. Through regular practices and performances KDC works to build a community of dancers and through collective effort enhance our individual skills and bring athleticism to the arts.

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President: Kat Matisse

Furniture Club

The Furniture Club meets with the intention of informing its' members of annual events, contests, and scholarships; acting as a resource for networking between the junior and senior level students and those new to the program. On a basic level, we create a collective of students with the same drive and interests.

Contact by: Facebook – Furniture Club - KCAD

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Co-Presidents: Heather Seto, Nicole Paparelli, Advisor: Monty Simpson, Assistant Professor of Furniture Design

Game Club

This club brings together a diverse group of people to unite under all forms of gaming and games.

Contact by: Facebook – Kendall Game Club

Contact the organization for meeting dates/times/locations.

Co-Presidents: Ian Middleton and Wade Leppien

Green Council

Green Council is focused on educating KCAD students, faculty and staff on improving the impact we leave on the environment. The group plans events, attends lectures/seminars/conferences, offers green social activities, and much more. Join us at one of our meetings for more information.

Contact by: Facebook – Kendall Green Council

President: Katherine Patterson, Advisor: Gayle DeBruyn, Assistant Professor of Furniture Design and Design Studies


The Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA) is a professional network for industrial design students. Our mission is to create and foster a collaborative studio environment, help to promote KCAD's creative talents and to build understanding, connection, and involvement with the larger design community. Our weekly meetings involve group discussions, professional workshops, demos and tutorials, portfolio/project critique, and semester long skill development. This group is open to all departments and participation is encouraged at all class levels.

Contact by: Facebook Kendall IDSA Student Chapter

President: Patrick Shields, Advisor: Ken Krayer, Adjunct Professor of Collaborative Design and Director of Business Engagement


The KCAD chapter of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) intends to create a vying professional and social student organization that allows for the furthering of a student's education as well as to create networking opportunities.

Contact by: Facebook – KCAD IIDA

Contact the organization for meeting dates/times/locations.

President: Amanda Hamberg, Advisor: Tara McCrackin, Assistant Professor of Interior Design


Our focus is to create a context for artists of all disciplines, and attending KCAD, to collaborate on transdiciplinary works in conjunction with visiting artists to Grand Rapids.

Contact by: Facebook – INTERSPACE

President: Megan Baniak, Advisors: Natalie Wetzel, Assistant Professor of Sculpture and Functional Art, Leah Gose, Assistant Professor of Photography

Illustration Society

The Illustration Society will enhance the KCAD experience for those interested in Illustration. The organization discusses current trends, illustrators and other information.

Contact by: Facebook: KCAD Illustration Society


President: Samantha Stutzman, Advisor: Nancy Hart, Assistant Professor of Illustration


The KCAD Interaction Design Association (IxDA) wants to start an ongoing conversation about the ever-evolving world of interaction design among students. We strive to create opportunities to learn, collaborate, and apply this knowledge as early on in our education as possible. Local and national speakers are brought in to lecture about their areas of expertise every other week. Students of all majors are encouraged to attend and participate in the exchange with professionals, and to utilize the networking opportunities. Meeting info is posted around the school on flyers, and also shared on our Facebook (KCAD IxDA) and Twitter (@kcadixda). Questions, comments, or suggestions for meeting topics can be sent to our email (

Contact by:
Facebook – KCAD IXDA
Twitter- @kcadixda

President: Zac Sturgeon

League of Legends

The KCAD League of Legends club invites players of League of Legends to be a part of the collegiate program. We want to promote a growing e-sports community at Kendall by not only playing but also teaching new players, creating teams to play against other schools, bringing new challenges to the players and simply having a good time.

Contact by: Facebook - KCAD Legends

President: Nicole Cruz, Advisor: Katie Moore, Director of Community Engagement

MFA Collective

The MFA Collective connects KCAD's graduate students with Grand Rapids and beyond. The club offers professional development opportunities such as networking, fundraising, promotional skills, and exhibition opportunities.

Contact by:
or Facebook – KCAD MFA Collective

Coordinator: Brianna Baurichter, Advisor: Stephen Halko, Assistant Professor of Drawing, and Tom Post, Graduate Recruitment

Painting Collective

The Painting Collective's members seek to connect Kendall College of Art and Design to the surrounding community through events and activities focused in fine arts. We offer opportunities for students to build their resumes along with increasing their involvement within the College and the Grand Rapids art community.

Contact by: Facebook - Kendall Painting Club

Co-Presidents: Jesse Clevenger and Ryan Klotz, Advisor: Elizabeth Hawkins, Adjunct Professor of Painting

Performing Arts Collective

The KCAD Performing Arts Collective is a group for KCAD students who want to express and exercise their love for theatre and performance arts. We engage in both on and off stage activities, and host performance-related events at KCAD. KPAC is open to any and all students whether they have a background in performance or not, and hopes to bring the art of performing to the forefront of our artistic community!

Contact by:

Contact group for meeting times and location.

President: Kat Matisse, Advisor: Patti Constantine, Associate Professor of Drawing and Coordinator of Student Learning Support

Photography Association

The KCAD Photography Association is a club focused on getting students, faculty, and the Grand Rapids community interested in photography. The group holds student exhibitions, volunteers for charitable organizations, and collaborates with other clubs to organize/photograph events. The goal is to allow anyone the opportunity to get involved and broaden his or her appreciation for photography as an art form.

Contact by: Facebook - Kendall Photography Association

President: Matthew Provoast, Advisor: Adam DeKraker, Assistant Professor of Photography

KCAD Pride

The KCAD Pride club aims to provide a safe and fun environment while informing people about important issues facing and within the LGBTQA community. Anyone is welcome to join even if you are simply an ally.

Contact by:

Contact group for meeting times and location.

President: Allison Frye, Advisor: Darcy Storms, Director of Counseling and Disability Services, and Jon McDonald, Professor of Illustration

Pulp Fiction: The Paper Making Club

Our goal is to preserve and promote the hand papermaking medium as an art form while encouraging a dialogue between papermaking and various disciples within KCAD and the community as a whole.

Contact by: Facebook - Pulp Fiction- Papermaking Club

President: Amanda Berry, Advisor: Danielle Wyckoff, Assistant Professor of Printmaking

Sports Club

Sports club has everything to do with sports. If enough players want to play a certain club, we can make it possible.

Contact by:

Contact group for meeting times and location.

President: Raul Ortiz, Advisor: Nicole DeKraker, Director of Student Engagement

Volunteer Group

The KCAD Volunteer Group works on a variety of projects. Our newest project involves volunteering our time, resources, and fundraised money to disabled children in wheelchair sports around the Grand Rapids and surrounding areas. We’d like to create a broader awareness of a few of the adaptive sports, which exist within our area. We will host events for the kids to come to KCAD for painting, drawing, etc. We will also host fundraising events to raise money for these other events and for a gift for one special athlete at the end of the year. Many of these kids have such a hard time in school because of their disability and not being included in able-bodied sports does not help. Our goal is to make them feel special, boost self-esteem, make friends, and be involved in both a sport and our community.

Contact by: Facebook – KCAD Volunteer Group

Project Leader: Madison Gentry, Advisor: Melanie Morris, Administrative Assistant for Student Services

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