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Due to licensing restrictions, software for students starting Fall 2013 can not be purchased until August 1st, 2013. Any orders placed before this time will not be processed and you will be required to reenter you order August 1st or later.

Attention Digital Media students! Digital Media students should not purchase any of the adobe suites listed on the software form. Instead, students should subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud from this link Adobe Creative Cloud.

Software ordered from this form will be shipped to the address you list below.

Software ordered in this way is for student use only and cannot be given to anyone else, borrowed or sold. Adobe software is limited to 1 package per year. Microsoft is limited to two of each program per year.

Once you have submitted your order it should be processed and billed to your account in a few days. Some software may not be in stock and will have to be ordered, so please account for up to 14 days for your software to be delivered.

Your order may be rejected and you will required to resubmit if you do not provide a valid MyFSU ID, Student # and Kendall/Ferris provided email address.

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Adobe Acrobat Pro - $119
Adobe Lightroom - $80
Adobe Creative Cloud - $240
Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements - $80

A $8 Flat Fee is added to each order to cover shipping. All prices subject to change.

Important: By clicking "SEND," I agree that I am responsible for all appropriate software charges that are billed to my student account.

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