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Beyond Mythology Merit Scholarship Symposium

April 25, 2014 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Judging of student submitted mythology-inspired art at the Beyond Mythology Merit Scholarship Symposium

Beyond Mythology Merit Scholarship Symposium

Friday, April 25, Noon - 5 PM, UICA

KCAD and the Dean's Office invite you to the Beyond Mythology Merit Scholarship Symposium, April 25th from Noon to 5 PM, in the theatre of UICA.
Student's who have submitted to the Merit Scholarship and approved by a panel of faculty will be presenting their mythology-inspired art to a group of judges for a chance to win up to $1000 in scholarship funding. Food will be provided at the symposium for those who attend.

Presentations will be judged according to preparedness, professionalism, quality of artwork/project, and how the student critically articulates the ways their project relates to the construction of narrative theme. Winners will be announced May 6-9.

Schedule of Events

12:00 – 12:30: Lunch

12:30 – 12:40: Opening Statements by Dr. Jordan Fenton

12:40 – 1:05: Freshman and Sophomore Creative Projects, Part 1

  • Gunnar Forstrom and Rob Kangas
  • Joseph Garber, Finding a Path Through Art and Craft, Prof. Halko
  • Benjamin Georgoff
  • Sabrina McLaughlin
  • Melissa Myers, Pursuit or Escape?, Prof. Whatley

1:05 – 1:15: Commentary and Feedback

1:15 – 1:45: Freshman and Sophomore Creative Projects, Part 2

  • Casey Newberg
  • Alyssa Newman
  • Andrea Oosterhouse, Angels Unmasked, Prof. Norcross
  • Clayton Prell
  • Caitlin Rausch, Rainbow Crow, Prof. Hart
  • Qinyue Wu, Yu Meng: The Dream of Flight, Prof. Norcross

1:45 – 1:55: Commentary and Feedback

1:55 – 2:05: Break

2:05 – 2:35: Junior, Senior and Graduate Creative Projects, Part 1

  • Natalie Beasley, Scarab Deities: A Collection of Ancient Egyptian inspired Funerary Jewelry
  • Anthony Cairo, Eve and Adam, Prof. Halko and Prof. Rockman
  • Abigail Capizzi, Fat People, Prof. Norcross
  • Elise Tarsa
  • Andrew Hornak, Thinking Tattoo, Prof. Fenton
  • Jon McAfee, A Reinterpretation of The Garden of Earthly Delights, Prof. Rockman

2:35 – 2:45: Commentary and Feedback

2:45 – 3:20: Junior, Senior and Graduate Creative Projects, Part 2

  • Shelby Orebaugh, The Illustrators Looking Glass, Prof. Fenton
  • Matthew Provoast
  • Amanda Zylstra, Tuareg Jewelry: "Thou Mayest", Prof. Fenton
  • Ryann Rase, Curio Cabinet, Prof. Fenton
  • Melissa Boverhof, The African Art Exhibit Experience: A Critique Through Squiggle Vision, Prof. Fenton
  • Ricardo Gonzales, American Dream, Prof. Halko
  • Salvador Jimenez-Flores

3:30 – 3:40: Break

3:40 – 4:00: Freshman and Sophomore Research Projects

  • Amar Dzomba, Misunderstanding Calligraphy, Prof. Fenton
  • Hayley Lerg, The Great Inca Conquest, Prof. Norcross
  • Alyssa Natoci, The Myth En Vogue, Prof. Eberle
  • Ashley Newton, "Nigerian Barbie": Africa as it Appeals to American Consciousness

4:00 – 4:10: Commentary and Feedback

4:10 – 4:35: Junior, Senior and Graduate Research Projects

  • Kelsey Hakeem, The Reign of the Useless, Prof. Eberle
  • Tingru Nan, Artworks and Flood Myths, Prof. Norcross
  • Angela Seckerson, Piercing Style, Prof. Eberle
  • Emily Veldman, Santeria, Prof. Hart
  • Ethan Ross, The Constructed Landscape: The Narrative of American Landscape Photography, Prof. Kaczmarczyk

4:35 – 4:45: Commentary and Feedback

4:45 – 5:00: Closing Statements

For more information on the Beyond: Mythologies initiative check out their website beyondferris.com. Or visit Beyond: Mythologies on twitter, instagram, and tumblr.

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