Helen Miller Gallery

Dedicated space for our graduate programs

Gallery view of visitor and two sculptures, foreground: wire chandelier-type sculpture. Background: wire tree-type sculpture. Drawn, March-April 2012 (3 of 3)
Gallery view of visitor in gallery looking at 2D work with wire sculpture in foreground, Drawn, March-April 2012 (2 of 3)
Gallery view of wire and tree sculpture and gallery visitor in show Drawn, March-April 2012 (1 of 3)
Gallery view of wall installation of paper ribbon in show Acts of Recognition, Feb.-March 2012
Gallery view of illustrations and sitting area to read children's books in show Original Art: Traveling Exhibition of Children's Book Illustrations, Jan.-Feb. 2012
Gallery view of large paintings by Mariel Versluis's sabbatical show, Time Is A Brisk Wind, Nov.-Dec. 2011
Gallery view of 2D work in show Then Again, Maybe Not, Oct.-Nov. 2011
Gallery view of large oil paintings by Michiko Itatani, March-April 2011
Gallery view of floor installation and printmaking by Justin Quinn, Nov.-Dec. 2010
Gallery view of 16th Biennial Fiber Arts Exhibition, Aug.-Sept. 2010. Various woven and textile-based artwork.
Gallery view of drawings and video by Ethan Murrow, March-April 2010 (2 of 2)
Gallery view of 2 large drawings by Ethan Murrow, March-April 2010 (1 of 2)
Gallery view of corner sculptural installation by Celene Hawkins, Feb.-March 2010
Gallery view of Phil Renato Sabbatical show, Jan.-Feb. 2010. TV display, 2D images and small sculptural work.
Gallery view of student work, animal sculptures and 2D work, Studio Excellence Awards 2009
Gallery view of paintings in Laurie Hogin Paintings, March-April 2009
Gallery view of paintings, sculptures and visitors in group show Imaginings, work by George Ferrandi and Christy DeHoog Johnson, Feb.-Mar. 2009
Gallery view of photographs in show Kelli Connell Photographs, Nov.-Dec. 2009
Gallery view of oil paintings in Boyd Quinn's Smorgasbord, October 2009

The Helen Miller Gallery, named for our founder, Helen Miller Kendall, focuses on graduate level exhibitions. Located on the first floor of 17 Fountain St. NW, the space features regularly-changing exhibitions featuring work by students in our graduate-level programs and special community projects.

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