Kendall Gallery

Exhibition space for visiting artists.

Gallery view of visitor and two sculptures, foreground: wire chandelier-type sculpture. Background: wire tree-type sculpture. Drawn, March-April 2012 (3 of 3)
Gallery view of visitor in gallery looking at 2D work with wire sculpture in foreground, Drawn, March-April 2012 (2 of 3)
Gallery view of wire and tree sculpture and gallery visitor in show Drawn, March-April 2012 (1 of 3)
Gallery view of wall installation of paper ribbon in show Acts of Recognition, Feb.-March 2012
Gallery view of illustrations and sitting area to read children's books in show Original Art: Traveling Exhibition of Children's Book Illustrations, Jan.-Feb. 2012
Gallery view of large paintings by Mariel Versluis's sabbatical show, Time Is A Brisk Wind, Nov.-Dec. 2011
Gallery view of 2D work in show Then Again, Maybe Not, Oct.-Nov. 2011
Gallery view of coffee stir stick and coffee cup sleeve installation by Jonathan Brilliant during ArtPrize 2011, Sept.-Oct. 2011
Gallery view of Jonathan Brilliant's installation during ArtPrize 2011, Sept.-Oct. 2011.  Coffee cup sleeves and coffee stir sticks.
Nighttime exterior view of Jonathan Brilliant's installation in Kendall Gallery during ArtPrize 2011
Gallery view of large oil paintings by Michiko Itatani, March-April 2011
Gallery view of floor installation and printmaking by Justin Quinn, Nov.-Dec. 2010
Gallery view of ArtPrize 2010 in Kendall Gallery, large portrait paintings and photographs
Gallery view of 16th Biennial Fiber Arts Exhibition, Aug.-Sept. 2010. Various woven and textile-based artwork.
Gallery view of drawings and video by Ethan Murrow, March-April 2010 (2 of 2)
Gallery view of 2 large drawings by Ethan Murrow, March-April 2010 (1 of 2)
Gallery view of corner sculptural installation by Celene Hawkins, Feb.-March 2010
Gallery view of Phil Renato Sabbatical show, Jan.-Feb. 2010. TV display, 2D images and small sculptural work.
Gallery view of student work, animal sculptures and 2D work, Studio Excellence Awards 2009
Gallery view of paintings in Laurie Hogin Paintings, March-April 2009
Gallery view of paintings, sculptures and visitors in group show Imaginings, work by George Ferrandi and Christy DeHoog Johnson, Feb.-Mar. 2009
Gallery view of photographs in show Kelli Connell Photographs, Nov.-Dec. 2009
Gallery view of oil paintings in Boyd Quinn's Smorgasbord, October 2009

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