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KCAD Helping Make 5th Annual Art.Downtown. Bigger and Better Than Ever

Posted April 7, 2014 in Public

Art.Downtown., organized by Avenue for the Arts, will celebrate its fifth year on April 11 from 6-11pm, and KCAD is going all out to help make this this year’s event the biggest and best yet! Of the over 450 local artists involved, nearly a quarter are KCAD students, faculty, staff, and alumni, and of the 35 venues, 15 will feature KCAD work.

Here’s a guide to finding everything KCAD at Art.Downtown.:

KCAD - 17 Fountain NW
Atrium: 2nd Annual Big Block Party – KCAD’s printmaking, painting, and papermaking student organizations will host this interactive live event featuring 4' x 8' woodcuts of favorite foods, music, a photo booth, and printmaking/papermaking workstations for the whole family!

104 Gallery: Impressions: Student Printmaking Exhibition – A group of KCAD Printmakers using portraits to exemplify the processes of printmaking and the familial community they've found through working together.

Helen Miller Gallery: Not There Yet – Featuring work from current MFA students in a variety of mediums.

Painting by Ryan Klotz of the KCAD student Painting Club. The Painting Club will be helping put on the 2nd Annual Big Block Party (click to enlarge)

KCAD Woodbridge N. Ferris Building - 17 Pearl
Fed Galleries: Humor in Craft - Using craft art to start a dialogue about humanity and humor is what Humor in Craft is all about.

Verne Barry Place Courtyard - 8 Weston
C = a + b ( Y - T ) - KCAD's Relief Printmaking class utilizes this alley space for site specific large scale woodcuts and installation work.

DeVos Convention Center - 303 Monroe, Skywalk
huh... -
Featuring a series of drawings pertaining to a personal line of inquiry this show features the work of a KCAD Drawing 2 class.

(106) Gallery, Parking Lot - 106 S. Division
Dead Weight - Two 20 foot U-Haul trucks become one-night gallery spaces featuring the work of the KCAD Drawing/Mixed Media collective, D. Composition. 20 pieces of physical work as well as video projections on the exterior of the trucks.

Tower Pinkster - 4 E. Fulton
Systems of Seeing – Featuring work from KCAD Drawing students that explores the concept of mark-making.

Kelsey Apartments - 235 S. Division #100 Garden Level
Stranger or Passenger - An amalgam of individual thoughts in collective action, Stranger or Passenger is a veritable communion of mixed media installation works. Questions of authorship, experience, signification, ideology, and identity arise in a continuum of enigmatic lucidity.

UICA - 2 W. Fulton
MEGA Graduate Exhibition - The Michigan Emerging Graduate Artist Exhibition, which includes several KCAD MFA students, showcases regional artists who have recently completed graduate programs throughout the state.

"Crashing" (giclee print) by Matt Gubancsik, one of the KCAD MFA students featured in the MEGA exhibition at UICA (click to enlarge)

Two Beards Deli - 38 Commerce
Confabulation - A look at false memories and waking dream-state through a variety of mediums, this group of artists will express how dreams and fabricated memories can shape the way we see others, our lives, and ourselves.

Sanctuary Folk Art - 140 S. Division
HOMES - Where we live helps to define us but we hold the power to change our homes and thus, change our lives. One's home is an extension and reflection of ourselves and how we treat our home reflects upon us.

87 Orange Photography - 105 S. Division
lux ex tenebris - A two person exhibition investigating ideas of contrast; form vs. content, sculpture vs. print, and darkness vs. light.

The Harris Building - 111 South Division, Second Floor
ART DOWNTON - A juried exhibition of works inspired by the popular historical drama, Downton Abbey, that includes original work from KCAD Fashion Studies students. Artists’ works are inspired by the show’s individual characters, plot lines, settings, or the styles of the time period in which the show is set.

Original designs from KCAD Fashion Studies students will be highlighted in the Art Downton exhibition (click to enlarge)

Spiral - 44 S. Division
Paint Snob - The KCAD Painting Alumni Scholarship Committee presents this juried exhibition and fundraiser to create opportunity for prospective and current undergraduate Painting Majors in an effort to pursue and develop talent, build creative capital within our community, and to help students generate compelling work.

CottageBar - 18 Lagrave
BLACKTOP - SiTE:LAB will be closing down LaGrave Ave SE (between Fulton & Weston in front of the Cottage Bar) for a one-night-only project. The event will include a pop-up Skatepark, DJ's including "Grand Rapids Soul Club", video projections, steamroller printing, t-shirt screen printing, and much more.

Craft House - 40 South Division
Co=efficient - A showcase of artist groups and collectives whose work benefits from the collaborative environment. The exhibition highlights the importance of collaboration and community rather than individual accomplishments. Each collective produces work through different means, using different techniques, and processes making each group environment unique.

"The Girl with Mona Lisa's Pearl" (oil on canvas, 16"x20") by Samantha Stutzman, one of the KCAD artists who will display work in Co=efficent (click to enlarge)

Black Eagle Trading Post - 2 Jefferson
Spring Flowers & Beer Showers - Shed those tattered winter layers and kick off this long awaited spring with some new gear and cold beer.

Bloom Collective Building – 8 Jefferson
Rooted – Featuring ceramics, sculpture, painting, and photography, this exhibition takes a look at how we coexist with organic life and social technological demands.

For an event map and a complete list of exhibitions and venues, or to volunteer for Art.Downtown. 2014, visit Stay updated on all the latest Art.Downtown. news at

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