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Dr. Evans Announces Retirement

Posted January 7, 2011 in CampusPublic

Dr. Oliver H. Evans, President of Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University (FSU), has announced that he will be retiring from the College in June, 2012. At that time he will have served Kendall for 18 years, first as Dean of the Faculty, then shortly thereafter as Vice President for Academic Affairs, then briefly as Interim President and finally, President of Kendall. This announcement date has been planned to provide FSU adequate time to work towards a smooth succession.

Dr. Evans' tenure began with the opportunity to work closely with the Executive Committee of Kendall's Board of Trustees as it weighed the issue of whether to continue Kendall's future as a stand-alone institution, or to seek a relationship with FSU. Following the decision to merge Kendall with Ferris, Dr. Evans worked with FSU President William Sederburg to effect a merger which would realize the potential and the commitments both Boards made to sustaining Kendall's identity as a relatively autonomous Grand Rapids institution.

During Dr. Evans' time with Kendall the College grew from an enrollment of 520 to its fall 2010 enrollment of more than 1400 students. The curriculum grew from six undergraduate programs to fifteen undergraduate and four graduate programs, as well as its certificate courses in the FSU MBA program.

Upon his retirement Dr. Evans may consider serving higher education in a volunteer role as a consultant, in adjunct teaching, or possibly in a higher education administrative program.

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