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Grand Rapids Film Festival Comes to KCAD April 9-13

Posted April 8, 2014 in Public

The Grand Rapids Film Festival (GRFF) is set to begin on April 9, bringing a world of cutting-edge creativity to West Michigan, and more specifically, to KCAD. The Woodbridge N Ferris Building is the Education Hub for this year’s event, hosting student films, discussion panels, lectures, and an interactive Production Workshop that’s open to the public.

Image courtesy of the Grand Rapids Film Festival, Copyright 2014

But the KCAD connection doesn’t stop there. This year’s festival is all about collaboration, and a number of KCAD community members have gotten involved to help make this year’s GRFF the most impactful yet.

- KCAD Digital Media students helped raise awareness of the GRFF by creating this cool animated PSA:

- KCAD Fashion Studies students collaborated with world-renowned costume and fashion designer Bernadine Vida (Billy Crystal’s baseball epic “61” for HBO, Eminem’s bio pic “8 Mile,” “Kid Fitness” for PBS Kids) to create costumes for the Fashion for Film Showcase, a new addition to the GRFF that will be happening on April 10 from 7-9pm at The Pyramid Scheme.

Image courtesy of the Grand Rapids Film Festival, Copyright 2014

Guided by Vida, the students designed and created costumes ranging from the prehistoric to the futuristic, all inspired by scenes from the movie “Grease”. At the Fashion for Film Showcase, the costumes will be on full display as seven of the movie’s most iconic scenes are recreated in a Vaudeville-styled presentation.

Discover more about the Fashion for Film Event in this article from The Rapidian. Tickets for the event are $10 apiece, and can be purchased here.

- KCAD student Julia Perry did some excellent graphic design work for this year’s festival, including the above poster for the Fashion for Film Showcase.

- KCAD faculty members Lori Faulkner, Kasey McCargar, and Brad Yarhouse put in a ton of time and effort helping to coordinate KCAD student involvement with the GRFF.

- KCAD is hosting the Production Workshop, the festival’s main educational programming delivery mechanism. The workshop is designed to demonstrate each step of the filmmaking process through the exercise of producing a three-minute short from conception to completion, and it connects all the various panel and lecture components into one cohesive experience. This unique experience is led by industry professionals and is open to the public. If you’re still interested in registering, go here for complete details.

Last year's Production Workshop, held in the Woodbridge N. Ferris Building (Image courtesy of the Grand Rapids Film Festival, Copyright 2013)

- KCAD is also hosting two roundtable discussions to facilitate a larger conversation amongst members of the local film community in an effort to leverage individual strengths toward a collaborative regional effort.

For the rest of the KCAD Community, the best way to get involved is to get immersed in the festival’s extensive event offerings, and of course, see some great film! Here’s a schedule of everything happening at KCAD during the festival (click on event names for more information):

For complete details on the Grand Rapids Film Festival and a list of scheduled films, visit grfilmfestival.com.

Also, read more about the festival's larger collaborative efforts in this article by MLive.

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