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News Bites: Digital Media Program Launches First Cross-Platform Game, “Health Food Frenzy”

Posted April 8, 2014 in News BitesDigital Art and Design

The KCAD Digital Media program has launched its first cross-platform game!. Health Food Frenzy is now available on the Apple iTunes, Android Play, and the web ( People from all over the world have been playing and the highest score so far has been registered in France.

The game concept was created by Digital Media professor Bill Fischer and developed (programmed) by adjunct professor Chris Brown, who’s also a principle at Brown Bear Studios. The art and animation were done by KCAD student Brenda Snell, who is currently developing a companion website for her thesis. When finished, middle school kids will be able to learn about the USDA Food Plate, create a healthy eating journal, and rate their school’s cafeteria.

In future semesters KCAD Digital media students will be able to utilize the game engine developed at Brown Bear to create all kinds of fun and educational media.

Stay tuned!

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