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Students and Alumni Open Printmaking Studio

Posted October 12, 2010 in AlumniPublicStudentStudentAlumniPublic

Brandon Alman (Fine Arts Printmaking, 2010) has created a place where he and fellow printmakers can fire up the presses, both vintage and modern, and express their artistic visions on paper.

Called Dinderbeck (a made-up word that means nothing but sounds cool), the new studio and gallery space is at 323 Straight Ave. SW in Grand Rapids.

With nearly 2,000 square feet of work and display space, Dinderbeck has plenty of room for artists to lease space for a private show or for those who want to rent time on the specialty printing presses: a 1951, 325G Vandercook Hand Proof Press for relief printing, or the soon-to-be-refurbished Fuchs & Lang lithography press rescued from a scrap yard. An intaglio press is on the wish list.

Alman is a partner in the endeavor with current Kendall students Kyle Isbell and Trevor Hill-Rowley, and Kendall alumni Anthony Mead (Fine Arts/Printmaking, 2010) and Lucas Schurkamp (Graphic Design, 2009).

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