Graduate Programs

Finding a voice, developing a vision.

Master of Fine Arts

Our program is formed around the idea that the right balance of studio activity, theoretical knowledge, industry familiarity, and an awareness of art history will prepare artists to succeed in the professional world.

Master of Art Education

The MAE program was created for artists that teach. Designed around a teacher's schedule, it's a studio-intensive degree that allows K-12 certified art teachers to beef up, recharge, refresh (and fulfill requirements for maintaining their teaching certification while they're at it).

MBA Certificate in Design and Innovation Management

The MBA Certificate in Design and Innovation Management is for business and creative professionals who want to get an edge in the marketplace. This 12-credit advanced studies certificate can stand alone or be applied towards a Ferris MBA or other graduate program.

Master of Architecture

The MArch dissolves the usual boundaries between the bodies of knowledge that inform architecture. Our unique curriculum blends studio and immersion, research and praxis to engage you in a deep exploration of the discipline that considers innovation, sustainability, and context as equally as aesthetics.

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