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2015 Faculty-led Study Away Opportunity

Scotland: Explore, Draw, Create

KCAD Illustration, Art History, and Design in the UK

Fly to Glasgow, via Dublin, with a small group of your peers from a number of different majors. We will travel from Glasgow to Edinburgh and into the Highlands by train, visiting historic sites, castles, graveyards, museums, and galleries. We’ll be reading about and immersing ourselves in the ancient and modern aspects of Scottish culture. Depending on which courses you take, you’ll study the design and ornamental traditions of Mackintosh, MacNair, and the MacDonald sisters, you’ll draw fantastic architectural sites (and imagine new ones) using mixed media, and/or you’ll integrate these influences into original jewelry and other product designs by making use of 3D modeling, rendering, and printing using your laptops. You can take up to 6 credits in 2 weeks by custom mixing offerings from the Illustration, Art History, Metals/Jewelry, and/or Industrial Design program faculty. Aye!

Summer I Session

Classes will meet on the KCAD campus on Mondays & Wednesdays, May 20-June 17

    8:30-12:15 Studio classes
    1:00-4:45 Art History

Travel to Scotland June 24 – July 8, 2015

Please contact any one of the faculty listed below for more information, and hurry as space is limited! To download an informational packet (.pdf file) with course descriptions and a tentative itinerary with costs, go to

Patti Constantine -
Anne Norcross -
Phil Renato -

$550.00 deposit to hold your spot ASAP-checks payable to KCAD, cash, or if using a credit card you will need to email Nicole DeKraker requesting she apply the money from your card to your account. Nicole’s email is All deposits are refundable until January 16, 2015. There will be no refunds after January 16, 2015.

Italy: SACI

Courses for KCAD students in Florence, Italy

The SACI Italy Florence program is 5 weeks long that goes from May 19th to June 26h in 2015. Or, you can go on the summer session, which is 4 weeks long and it goes from June 30th to July 31st. This school runs all year round (Fall, Spring, Late Spring, & Summer) so other sessions are available as well. There are several courses available during the Late Spring session, for instance: Art History, Batik, Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Conservation, Photography, Jewelry, Fresco, etc. The school is in the heart of Florence, so its next store to many famous monuments with a multitude of resources available to you. Students live in Italian, SACI owned, apartments all around the heart of Florence within walking distance to the school. Students from all over the USA and around the world come to study at SACI every semester. The faculty is mostly Italian, many with bi cultural backgrounds. There are four free weekend trips throughout Tuscany during the late spring and summer sessions and all SACI students are encouraged to go on these trips. Also, all Art History and SACI students get a museum pass and allowing them to enter many museums and sites for free.

SACI is a life changing opportunity that helps students become more independent, globally literate, aware of the Italian aesthetic, participate in international networking, and enhance creative potential with input from international faculty and students while living in Florence.

Also, you can visit the SACI website at (you will find a wealth of information).

You should also check out our Facebook page: Viaggio dell Artista in Italia: Journey in Italy of the Artist. There are regular updates about deadlines, meetings, SACI information, trip pictures, etc.

Professor Margaret Vega has been taking students to study at SACI for over 17 years and has also taken student groups to Argentina, Mexico City and other parts of Italy to study. Contact Margaret Vega at

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