General Studies

Supportive Studio and General Education

The art of creating open minds

At KCAD, our mission goes beyond preparing students for success in their chosen fields. We believe our graduates should also be articulate, culturally literate, socially responsible professionals who understand the world around them and who contribute positive change to their communities: communities of work; communities of governance; communities of family and friends. That’s why, in addition to studies in their program major, all of our students pursue a well-rounded education in General Education, Art History, and interdisciplinary and special studies.

Art History

All KCAD students take art history courses that explore the cultural, political, religious, and social movements that have influenced art throughout history.

General Education

All KCAD students take 30 credits of General Education classes designed to hone their analytical skills and to broaden their cultural awareness.

Collaborative & Other Studies

Working together across disciplines. It's the way life works and it's how our students work, too.

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