General Education

Where art intersects with math, science and writing.

Yes, top-notch training in high-end art and design is our focus. But KCAD students graduate with a solid liberal studies education to back up all that design savvy. Philosophy develops critical thinking skills and literature nourishes the imagination. Humanities emphasize cultural literacy and communication develops writing and public speaking skills. And, of course, math and science classes highlight their relationship to art and design. It is our goal to build analytical, well-rounded, culturally aware, socially responsible artists and designers who are prepared to contribute to the world around them.

Explore the individual academic degree descriptions for information about General Education courses required in a particular program.

Special Topics Courses for Fall 2015



KCHU 303: Buddhism: Traces the development of Buddhist thought and practice from its origins through its manifestations in contemporary Western culture. (J. Beahan, W, 6:30-9:20)

KCHU 303: Dystopian Literature: Dystopian Literature focuses on narratives where societies have gone terribly wrong, where humankind’s decisions have led to worlds of decay or brute force. The course will cover everything from classics like Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four to contemporary works. (A. Schuitema, M/W, 12:30-1:50)

KCHU 303: Modern Mythology: Examines the spread of early myths on later literatures and cultures. (D. Fletcher, M, 6:30-9:20)

KCHU 403: The Art of Narrative: Examines varies theories of narrative, applying them to the analysis of various works of literature and film. (S. Engbers, T/R, 3:30-4:50)

Social Sciences

KCSS 303: Cultural and Social Studies: Examines what it means to be a member of a particular society and how individuals both form and are formed by society. It will provide students with a better understanding of the social and cultural worlds they inhabit. (J. Adams, T, 6:30-9:20)

KCSS 303: Turning Points in History: Examines “axial moments” when people accomplished astonishing things in the lab, classroom, hospital, and on the battlefield. (J. Miller, F, 8:30-11:20)

KCSS 303: Special Topic: Rock and Roll in American History: Examines the history of the musical genre and its related historical developments. (J. Dow, W, 8:30-11:20)


KCSC 203: Special Topic: Science and Society: Examines the nature of science and some of the major scientific ideas and issues affecting our culture. Students gain the knowledge and skills to analyze those issues in government, business, and economics that are argued using scientific ideas or analysis. In addition, students hone their writing, research, and public speaking skills. (C. Keller, W, 3:30-6:20)

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