Technology Requirements

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We recommend purchasing your laptop online from the this is an embedded snippet - 2251 Technology - URL for KCAD Apple Store KCAD Apple Store. end of embedded snippet 2251 We have set up bundles for your convenience.

If bundles are not available look at the following minimum system requirements for more detail. Be aware that you are not limited to these requirements and larger or more powerful Apple laptop will work as well

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The minimum system requirements for this program:

  • Apple MacBook Air or Pro, running OSX Mavericks (Notes: Any size MacBook Pro will run the software you'll use in the Metals/Jewelry Design program - purchase the screen size that fits your portability preferences, the hard drive size that fits the amount of music and video and other content you may wish to store, and all the RAM you can afford. The MacBook Air and Retina cannot have their RAM or HDs upgraded after you purchase them - so get the max amount from Apple if you are getting an Air or Retina. The only MacBook that currently has upgradable components is the NON retina 13" MacBook Pro. SSD hard drives are faster and much longer lasting than mechanical hard drives, so get one if you can afford it.)

Software Requirements

  • Apple iLife and iWork(Comes installed on any MacBook Air or Pro)
  • Adobe Creative Suite 6 Standard or Creative Cloud (for Mac or Windows)
  • Microsoft Office (for Mac or Windows)
  • Windows 7 64bit (Mac OS X 10.8 or higher Required)
  • Rhino 5 (buy from

External Accessories

  • At least a 1TB External Hard Drive or larger for backup and storage of files

Recommended for Protection and Security

  • Laptop Bag or Cover for your MacBook Pro
  • Portable Laptop Lock

Software Ordering

  • Some software can be ordered directly from KCAD at a reduced cost for students
  • Go to the Technical Support Page for more information or Click Here to buy software that will be billed to your student account.
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