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ArtPrize @ KCAD

ArtPrize Nine @ The Fed Galleries at KCAD

ArtPrize @ The Fed: Society of Spectacle

On display in The Fed Galleries @ KCAD, Woodbridge N. Ferris Building, 17 Pearl St. NW

Are we under the influence of spectacular images and experiences?
Do you remember the real experience?
How do you mediate that experience?

We continue to passively identify and commodify our social experiences while accumulating a series of intangible moments. And, in a world of appearances, the spectacle obscures time by creating a never-ending moment of bliss. Society of Spectacle considers the artificial reality that we mirror and the authentic experiences we fail to define. Actively participate and set aside the artifice or add to the image bank – the choice is yours.

Society of Spectacle opens August 29, 2017 and will run through October 14, 2017.

Join us for ArtPrize Nine, September 20 - October 8.

The Year's Artists

Learn more about the artists and works exhibiting at KCAD by clicking an artist's name below.

KCAD ArtPrize Participants

KCAD students, alumni, faculty, and staff can be found all around Grand Rapids during ArtPrize Nine! Find out more here.

Want to be on the list? Send your name, KCAD affiliation, title of artwork, venue, link to artprize.org artist page and a small image of your work here to be included! If you're not showing artwork but are participating in some other way, we'd love to hear about that, too!

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