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KCAD ArtPrize Participants

KCAD is all over ArtPrize Nine!

KCAD students, alumni, faculty and staff are participating in ArtPrize Nine all around the city! In addition to displaying art, KCAD participants can be seen curating, demonstrating, educating and writing. Scroll down for details.

Want to be on the list? Send your name, KCAD affiliation, title of artwork, venue, link to artprize.org artist page and a small image of your work here to be included! If you're not showing artwork but are participating in some other way, we'd love to hear about that, too!


Alphabetical by last name

Enrique Andrade
Alumnus (’17, BFA Industrial Design)
Rumsey Street
Denna Arnold
Alumna (NG)
“Wood you rather be a flower?
Monroe Community Church
Cindy Awrey
“Morning Joe”
The B.O.B.

Katie Bork
Current Student (Illustration)
“Gone” (series)
Bangkok Taste Cuisine
Diane Carol Burdick
Continuing Studies Instructor
“Grand River”
Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum
Sarah Buzzitta
Alumna (’15, BFA Art Education)
“Parallel Colors”
Lions & Rabbits
Beibei Chen/Leilei Chen
Current Student (MFA); Alumna (’17, MFA)
DeVos Place Convention Center

Emily Cobb
Alumna ('17, MFA)
“Fixed It For You”
Cerasus Studio

Jay Constantine
Faculty (Professor, Painting)
“Luther’s Lapse: The German Peasant Revolt”
Fountain Street Church

Patricia Constantine
Faculty (Professor, Illustration)
GRCC Collins Art Gallery

Pat Cooper
Alumna (’70, BFA Interior Design)
“Flamingo Frank”
Central Reformed Church

Molly Alicki Corriveau
Faculty (Professor, Illustration)
“Presidential Pin Cushion”
The B.O.B.
Marvin Dabideen
Alumnus (’15, MFA)
“Grandfather: In life after life”
Waters Center

Yohan Daza
Alumnus (’08, Digital Media)
“Seven reasons to live”
Brothers Leather Supply Company

Summer E.A.
Current Student (Fashion Studies)
“The Game”
Manic Muse Salon
George Eberhardt III
Alumnus (NG)
“West Leonard mural”
The Shade Shop
Kathleen Ford
Alumna (’90, BFA Illustration)
“By Popular Demand”
Women’s City Club

Tracy May Fouts
Alumna (’09, BFA Printmaking)
“Jesus Wipes My Tears”
Central Reformed Church
Maggie Flynn
“feeding the love dragon”
Atwater Brewery

Jacqueline Gilmore
Alumna ('97, BFA Sculpture and Functional Art)
“Playing With Fire”
The B.O.B.

Tatsuki Hakoyama
Alumnus (‘14, MFA); Adjunct Faculty; Continuing Studies Instructor
“You Gave Us the Roots and the Wings, and Now We Rise to Fall Once Again”
Fountain Street Church

Samara Hernandez/Hannah Jansen-Yee
Current Students (Digital Art and Design/Graphic Design)
“When they go low, We go high”
Rockwell Republic
Chakila Hoskins
Alumna (’12, BFA Painting; ’16, MFA)
DeVos Place Convention Center

Michael Ingle
Alumnus ('81, AFA Illustration)
“Miners Castle”
JW Marriott Grand Rapids
Salvador Jiménez-Flores
Alumnus (’14, MFA)
“The Resistance of the Hybrid Cacti”
Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts

Alex Kallio/Mark Schentzel
Alumni (’14, BFA Sculpture and Functional Art; ’04, BFA Sculpture and Functional Art)
Gerald R. Ford Federal Building US Courthouse

Ericka Kamphuis
Current Student (Illustration)
“Childhood Nightmare”
O’Toole’s Public House
Sarah Knill
Alumna (’11, MFA)
“Cymatic Skin 6817”
Palatte Coffee & Art
Bonnie Kolarik
Alumna (’06, BFA Illustration)
Grand Valley Artists, Inc.
John Krout
Alumnus ('05, BFA Illustration)
“Forever 27”
JW Marriott Grand Rapids

Kathy Kwiatkowski
Alumna (’04, BFA Illustration)
“Looking Up”
Spectrum Health Meijer Heart Center
Justin La Doux
Alumnus (’05, BFA Illustration)
“Changing Oceans”
Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum
Erica Lang
Alumna (’14, BFA Printmaking)
“Respect Your Mother”
Woosah Printshop & Outfitters
John Long
Current Student (Illustration)
“Robots Playing Poker”
Atwater Brewery

Linda Manguiat-Herzog
Alumnus (’13, MFA)
“Marching On”
Monarch’s Club Corner Tap & Grill

Marie Marfia
Alumna ('86, BFA Graphic Design)
“Old (Dead) Masters”
The Bitter End Coffeehouse

Deborah Mattson
Alumna (’83, BFA Furniture Design; ’16, MFA); Adjunct Faculty
“Broadsheet Commemorating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation”
Cornerstone Church Heritage Hill

Madison Nicole May
Alumna (’16, BFA Printmaking)
Lions & Rabbits

Emily Mayo
Alumna (’12, BFA Drawing); Current Student (MFA)
Grand Rapids Art Museum

Gustavo Enrique Bastidas Medina
Current Student (Graphic Design)
Rumsey Street

Forrest Miller
Alumnus (’13, BFA Illustration)
“The Birth and Death of Day”
The B.O.B.

Hwa-Jeen Na
Alumnus (’17, BFA Photography)
“As Much Heaven As Earth”
Grand Rapids Art Museum
Robert Pockmire
Alumnus (’73, BFA Illustration)
“Red Swirl”
Grand Rapids Brewing Company
Sarah Puett
Current Student (Digital Art and Design)
JW Marriott Grand Rapids

Kari Shea Radermacher
Alumna ('13, BFA Graphic Design)
Treadstone Funding

Fernando Ramirez
Alumnus (’15, BFA Industrial Design)
“White Washing”
Rumsey Street
Sofía Ramírez Hernández
Alumna (’14, BFA Printmaking)
“Sofía Draws Every Day: Years 2, 3, and 4”
Rumsey Street

Deborah Rockman
Faculty (Professor, Drawing)
“Companions” (series)
Fountain Street Church
Colby Roanhorse
Alumnus (’17, BFA Fashion Studies)
“Roosevelt Park Neighborhood Stories”
Rumsey Street

Mark Rumsey
Alumnus (’08, MFA)
“Small World Tees”
GR City Water Building
Mary Sayre
Alumna (NG)
First (Park) Congregational Church
Edward Smith
The Garage Bar and Grill

Miriel Smith
Alumna (’02, BFA Illustration)
“Breast Crawl”
Monroe Community Church

Joshua Solas
Current Student (Illustration)
“Roosevelt Park Neighborhood Stories”
Cultura Collective at Rumsey Street

Joshua Solas
Current Student (Illustration)
“This Is Ridiculous”
Cerasus Studios
Esan Sommersell
Alumnus (NG)
“Blackface Trump (Accountable?)”
Grand Rapids City Hall

Donna St. John
Faculty (Professor, Art Education)
“Maslow Silently Awaits His Autopsy”
Fountain Street Church
Diane Sumner
Alumna ('88, BFA Graphic Design)
“Feelings of Green”
Mayan Buzz Café
Dwayne Szot
Alumnus (’97, BFA Fine Art)
“Zot Arts Experience”
Grand Rapids Children’s Museum
Marissa Tawney Thaler
Alumna ('08, BFA Art Education)
GR City Water Building

Cory Van Duinen
Alumnus (’99, BFA Sculpture and Functional Art)
Chemical Bank at Oakes Street Park

Margaret Vega
Faculty (Professor, Painting)
“Icarus Series: Dreams Deferred”
DeVos Place Convention Center

Kathleen Zeck
Alumna (’15, BFA Painting); Current Student (MFA)
The Holiday Bar


Alumna Hannah Grohman (’16, BFA Art Education) – Owner/Curator of ArtPrize Nine venue Lions & Rabbits

Alumna Erica Lang (’14, BFA Printmaking) – Owner/Curator of ArtPrize Nine venue Woosah Printshop x Outfitters

Alumni Matthew Provoast (’16, BFA Photography) and Erika Townsley (’16, BFA Photography) – Co-owners/Curators of ArtPrize Nine venue Light Gallery + Studio


Other Participants

Current students Taylor Axdorff (Industrial Design) and Skylar Sparks (Sculpture and Functional Art) worked with WZZM 13 to design and construct a custom news desk the station will use to broadcast from the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum during ArtPrize Nine.

Current student Casey Newberg (Metals and Jewelry Design) is engaging visitors to STEAM Village (located in the ArtPrize HUB) in a pop-up interactive design and production studio that demonstrates the intersection of art and technology, and highlights the KCAD FlexLab. The display will include a 3D printer along with an electroforming bath, studio artifacts, finished works by Newberg, as well as a question and response workshop area where ArtPrize visitors will help inform Newberg's art making process.

Faculty member Margaret Vega (Professor, Painting) curated an exhibition titled SEREMOS.ONE inside St. Joseph The Worker Church at the Rumsey Street venue. Vega selected two KCAD alumni, Enrique Andrade (’17, BFA Industrial Design) and Fernando Ramirez (’15, BFA Industrial Design), and current Graphic Design student Gustavo Enrique Bastidas Medina to respond to the question of space, of place. The exhibition emphasizes history, culture, neighborhood, and the soon-to-be-demolished church, St. Joseph the Worker. This church was a sanctuary for immigrants who came to the Grandville corridor starting in 1889. Now, the church remains only in memory; fragments of materials; artifacts of a building that existed for many in the recent decades as a gathering place for a Spanish speaking community.

Faculty member Natalie Wetzel (Assistant Professor, Sculpture and Functional Art) is participating on a Creative Many discussion panel focused on a frank discussion about the challenges facing creative practitioners in Grand Rapids as they look to secure suitable spaces to make and show their work. As the city grows and its culture creators are held up as a critical component to Grand Rapids’ vibrancy, what assurances do artists have that there will be room for them to stay and enjoy the fruits of their creative labor?

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