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Art Education Student Receives Michigan Art Education Association Memorial Scholarship

Posted November 4, 2016 in StudentArt Education

Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University (KCAD) Art Education student Maggie Livengood has been named the recipient of the Michigan Art Education Association (MAEA) Memorial Scholarship for 2016.

Art Education student Maggie LivengoodMaggie Livengood

The $2,000 scholarship is awarded annually to junior or senior level college students studying art education in the state of Michigan who demonstrate a strong body of work and a deep dedication to furthering their field. Students must submit an application for consideration, and awardees are chosen through a rigorous evaluation process.

“I feel very honored. I've worked very hard, and I appreciate not only the recognition, but also the financial support,” says Livengood. “This scholarship allows me to continue to dedicate my energy to my education, and that is a huge gift.”

Livengood’s longstanding involvement with the Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM) was cited by MAEA President Ren Hullender as a determining factor in her selection. After interning in GRAM’s school program department during her first year at KCAD, Livengood was hired to work as an associate in GRAM Studio, where she currently helps organize programs, workshops, and courses focused on providing hands-on engagement with art to people of all ages.

During ArtPrize Seven in 2015, Livengood wrote the curriculum for GRAM’s ArtPrize Education Days programming, and also led sessions and curated an exhibition of participants’ work. This past summer, she wrote and taught the curriculum for a GRAM summer camp where middle school students actively engaged with the design thinking process.

Art Education student Maggie Livengood(above and below): Livengood working with students at the Grand Rapids Public Museum School during her Studio Methods course (credit: Elisa Brandel) 

Art Education student Maggie Livengood

Livengood also served as President of the KCAD Art Education Student Association, helping coordinate the student group’s annual silent auction fundraiser and ArtEdX, a TED-style conference for pre-service art educators that featured lectures, lesson plan exchanges, workshops, demonstrations, and networking opportunities.

“Maggie is one of those powerhouse students who are willing to take the bulk of the responsibility whenever there is an initiative. When we had our Annual Silent Auction, she solicited over half of the donated items. When we decided to create a pre-service teacher conference, she was the force that connected all the dots. She is the kind of student every program chair dreams of teaching,” said Art Education Program Chair Cindy Todd.

During the summer of 2015, Livengood was an instructor in Saugatuck Center for the Arts’ Growing Young Artists program, which focuses on providing children of migrant workers with opportunities for creative engagement.

“I believe in lifelong learning. Teachers are role models and advocates, and we need to demonstrate to our students and society as a whole the importance of education and being an advocate for yourself,” says Livengood.

(above and below): Livengood teaching 2nd graders at Coit Creative Arts Academy (credit: Karen Brady)

Art Education student Maggie Livengood

After earning a BA in Art History from Albion College, Livengood entered KCAD’s Art Education program looking for opportunities to use creativity to impact young people in a positive way.

“At KCAD we are very fortunate that we have such incredible professors and resources. In the Art Education program, we learn how the brain processes information and the importance of creative problem solving. We are trained to celebrate the diversity in learning,” she says.

Upon graduating from KCAD, Livengood plans to teach art at the high school level, and eventually hopes to earn a master’s degree in art therapy.

“I want to work with teenage girls and anyone suffering from grief and/or trauma, because I know what it's like to have issues and feel isolated. I want to not only bring awareness to these issues, but help these individuals on a deeper level as well,” she says. “By helping people to process difficult emotions, I firmly believe art can save lives.”

Learn more about KCAD’s Art Education program at kcad.edu/arteducation.

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