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Artists Take Over Grand Rapids: Here’s Where to Find KCAD Work at Art.Downtown. 2017

Posted April 5, 2017 in StudentFacultyAlumniPublic

What do you get when turn a city over to its artists? Art.Downtown., the one-day blockbuster event—organized by Dwelling Place’s Avenue for the Arts with support from Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University (KCAD) and Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. (DRGI)—that unites dozens of the city’s business, galleries, and studio spaces in a community-focused celebration of creative expression.

On Saturday, April 8, 2017 from 12-9 p.m., Art.Downtown. returns with over 400 featured artists showing work in 49 exhibitions at 37 different venues. Three trolleys will be available throughout the day to transport viewers from venue to venue, with plenty of stops at local eateries along the way.

As always, a number of KCAD faculty, staff, students, and alumni are participating in Art.Downtown. as artists and curators. If you’re planning to spend your Saturday exploring the work on display, be sure to check out the following venues/exhibitions with a KCAD connection:

106 Gallery and Studio (106 Division Ave. S)
POST PERCEPTION – A senior thesis exhibition from KCAD Graphic Design students. Installations are at two venues, 106 Gallery and SiTE:LAB’s Rumsey Street Project. Be sure to check out projects at both venues.

Post Perception banner(image courtesy of Christopher Fox)

KCAD connections:
Featured artists: Collen Bruce (Graphic Design), Nhat Lam (Graphic Design), Erica Eeman (Graphic Design), Brad Kautz (Graphic Design), Grant Shaheen (Graphic Design), Greg Ward (Graphic Design), Miao Zhang (Graphic Design)

KCAD – The Fed Galleries @ KCAD (17 Pearl St. NW)
Sentimental Ornamentation – This exhibition explores the Victorian Era's impact on the social context of mourning and fashion. See how the concepts and aesthetics of love after death continue to influence the work of contemporary artists and designers.

Sentimental Ornamentation

Left Behind | Work by Jennifer Loeber – For artist Jennifer Loeber, dealing with her mother’s death also meant grappling with the emotionally-charged memories ingrained in her material possessions. The result is Left Behind, a still life and archival photo series that touches on memory, love, loss, and grief.

Left Behind

The Shape of Self | Work by Riva Lehrer – The Fed Galleries @ KCAD present The Shape of Self | Work by Riva Lehrer as the cornerstone exhibition of the DisArt 2017 Symposium, Disability Arts Now! Through portrayals of the socially challenged body, Lehrer reveals assumptions about beauty, worth, and visual pleasure. 

Riva Lehrer

KCAD connections:
Curator: Michele Bosak (’04, BFA Sculpture and Functional Art; Curator of Exhibitions, KCAD Galleries)

KCAD – Helen Miller Kendall Gallery (17 Fountain St. NW)
Art and Healing – This exhibition features L.A. artist and patient advocate Ted Meyers and select KCAD students in a collaborative exhibition investigating themes of art and healing.

Art and Healing exhibition

KCAD connections:
Featured artists: Beibei Chen (MFA), Leilei Chen (MFA), Taylor Graham (Drawing), Loni Platte (Drawing).
Curator:Tanya Bakija (Lead Preparator, KCAD Galleries)

KCAD – Alluvium Gallery (89 Ionia Ave. NW)
Bound – Just as the pages of a book can be bound together, so can the lives of individuals. Two artists explore the many connections present in their lives in book forms utilized as collections of information and knowledge. These artists use traditional book forms combined with sculpture as book.

Bound exhibition(image courtesy of Amber Bledsoe) 

KCAD connections:
Featured artists:Amber Bledsoe (MFA) & Bohan Li (MFA)
Curator:Amber Bledsoe (MFA)

KCAD – Gallery 104 (17 Fountain St. NW)
Collections Abroad – exhibition offering a more intimate perspective on internationalism and different cultures. It is an atypical collection of people and places from around Europe.

KCAD connections:
Featured artists: Allie Wass (Illustration)
Curator: Allie Wass (Illustration)

KCAD’s Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (UICA) (2 Fulton W)
Fresh Pick: Eana Agopian – The UICA Fresh pick solo exhibition award recognizes an emerging artist of exceptional promise, and is awarded annually to one student in the graduating class of Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University. Eana Apple Agopian, a graduate of the MFA program, has been honored with the 2016 award. Agopian's new solo show, Interlace, draws upon themes of alchemy, psychology, and various modes of sensual perception to explore realms of the unknown. 

KCAD connections:
Featured artist:Eana Apple Agopian (’16, MFA)

MEGA 2017 - The Masters Student Collective of Kendall College of Art and Design proudly presents the 7th Annual Michigan Emerging Graduate Artists (MEGA) exhibition at UICA. MEGA is a juried exhibition of works by artists who are currently enrolled in graduate level study, or are current-year graduates of an undergraduate program, at one of Michigan’s academic institutions.

KCAD connections:
Featured artists:Beibei Chen (MFA), Leilei Chen (MFA), Egan Franks (MFA), Angelica Hay, Emily Mayo (MFA), Steven Miner (MFA), Angela Two Stars (MFA)

US IS THEM – A powerful exhibition of works by 42 international artists who confront issues of politics, religion, and racism. The exhibition presents contemporary artworks across a diverse range of media including painting, sculpture, photography, and video. 

Us Is Them exhibition

Abandoned Margins: Policing the Black Female Body –  This exhibtion takes on representations of black women in US popular culture and public discourse by confronting stereotypes and creating a visual language to challenge systems that undermine the agency of black female bodies and perpetuate their marginalization. Special performance by Shani Crowe during Art.Downtown. from 6-8:30 p.m.

Avenue for the Arts (307 Division Ave. S)
A Found Environment – This exhibition is an exploration of found materials, both natural and man-made, to discover the life an item can have as a work of art after it can no longer serve its original purpose.

A Found Environment(image courtesy of Emily Cobb)

KCAD connections:
Featured artists: Alison Palmateer (Printmaking) and Steven Vinson (’11, MFA; Assistant Preparator, KCAD Galleries)
Curator: Emily Cobb (MFA)  

DeVos Place (303 Monroe Ave. NW)
KCAD Illustration Society – New works by KCAD students.

KCAD connections:
Featured artists:TBA

Plural -  A collection of lithographic prints by KCAD Printmaking students investigates the unique approaches to a wide variety of stone and aluminum plate lithography techniques.

KCAD connections:
Featured artists:Sean Allen (Furniture Design), Angelica Hay (MFA), Shellaine Kelley (Printmaking), Kella Marnon (Printmaking), Regina Masterson (Illustration), Kimberly Mills (Printmaking), Alison Palmateer (Printmaking), Branden Redmond (Printmaking)
Curator:Oliva Timmons (Assistant Professor, Printmaking)  

KNITit (319 Division Ave. S)
3D Knitting: A Versatile, Flexible, and Sustainable Process – You already know about 3D printing but KNITit would like to introduce you to a more versatile, flexible, and sustainable manufacturing process, 3D knitting. Visit the KNITit studio to get hands on experience with this old-new technology and enjoy a short film on the benefits of 3D knitting versus other processes.

KnitIt logo(image courtesy of KNITit)

KCAD connections:
Featured artist: Alexis Troxell (’16, BFA Fashion Studies)

Lantern Coffee Bar and Lounge (100 Commerce Ave. SW)
Little Devil's Advocates – An art show about the ugly truth-seekers of life. Join artist Barbara Counsil for her debut of new, fresh ink & watercolor paintings at one of Grand Rapids’ favorite coffee bars.

Show poster(image courtesy of Barbara Counsil) 

KCAD connections:
Featured artist: Barbara Counsil (’12, BFA Illustration)

Light Gallery + Studio (317 Division Ave. S)
Process : Fiber – The Light Gallery + Studio will be kicking off a set of new programming during Art.Downtown 2017. Process: Fiber will explore the many types of fiber art; including weavings, tapestries, and embroidery. The exhibition will include 10 local artists. There will be patchwork kits, fabrics, and zines available for purchase, as well as a standing local artisans shop.

Light Gallery promo(image courtesy of Light Gallery + Studio) 

KCAD connections:
Featured artists: MacKenzie Lund (Sculpture and Functional Art), Erika Townsley (’16, BFA Photography)
Curator: Erika Townsley (’16, BFA Photography) 

Pop Up Gallery (106 Division Ave. S)
All Mixed Up – A night celebrating the art of mixed imagery. Using found images and original work, artists create collages that engage in dialogue which extends beyond any single image's intended meaning.

Mixed show poster(image courtesy of Ethan Ross)

KCAD connections:
Featured artists: Jolee Kirkikis (’16, BS Art History), Madison Nicole May (’16, BFA Printmaking), Eana Apple Agopian (’16, MFA)
Curator:Ethan Ross (’14, MFA)

SiTE:LAB (333 Rumsey St. SW)
POST PERCEPTION – A senior thesis exhibition from KCAD Graphic Design students. Installations are at two venues, 106 Gallery and SiTE:LAB’s Rumsey Street Project. Be sure to check out projects at both venues.

KCAD connections:
Featured artists:Dani Congdon (Graphic Design), Aaron Covrett (Graphic Design), Stephanie Dear (Graphic Design), Micaela Elderkin (Graphic Design), Kacie Forbes (Graphic Design), Jenna Simmons (Graphic Design), Alexandra Smith (Graphic Design)

Spiral (44 Division Ave. S)
The Inexpressible – Figurative Abstractions by Nick Reszetar: Nick Reszetar’s drawings are about the experience of being human. They are a way of addressing the fragility, resiliency, complexities and capabilities of the body. This exhibition presents Nick’s drawings of the figure, where he questions psychology, identity, sexuality and interdependence.

Eosdem by Nick Reszetar"Eosdem" by Nick Reszetar (image courtesy of the artist)

KCAD connections:
Curator: Steven Vinson (’11, MFA; Assistant Preparator, KCAD Galleries)

Woosah Outfitters (131 Division Ave. S)
High Altitude- Everyone breaths faster, deeper and more intentionally when at high altitude, in order to survive. Creating and carving woodblock prints during times of stress, change and adjustment is Erica Lang's way of breathing through it. She took inspiration from the theme of climbing in high altitude and created a series of woodblock prints. Come see first-hand what high altitude looks like at Woosah.

Woosah poster(image courtesy of Erica Lang) 

KCAD connections:
Featured artist:Erica Lang (’14, BFA Printmaking) 

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