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News Bites: Faculty, Staff, and Students Take Part in Author Celebration at Ferris State University

Several faculty, staff, and students from Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University (KCAD) were recently honored at the fourth annual Ferris State University Author Celebration event for creative work they had published or exhibited in 2015.

Honorees from both KCAD and Ferris State University were recognized at an event held in Big Rapids on March 29, where they also received commemorative works of art created by KCAD Drawing Assistant Professor Danielle Wyckoff and Printmaking Professor Mariel Versluis

KCAD faculty and staff who were honored include:

Dr. Karen Carter - Associate Professor, Art History
Dr. Carter published and presented several times in 2015 on many aspects of late 19th Century French art and history, including work on a book chapter, a presentation on the influence of the French Académie Julian on American illustration, and an article and presentation both involving the censorship of posters in Paris during the 1880s and 1890s.

Dr. Susanna Engbers – Professor, General Education
Dr. Engbers published a scholarly article exploring the roles Jane Campbell played in both the Catholic Church and the women’s suffrage movement in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She also had the opportunity to give a presentation on the ways in which women used quilts to advocate for women’s voting rights during the 1800s.

Lori Faulkner - Assistant Professor and Program Chair, Fashion Studies
Faulkner organized an art exhibition for the Fashion Studies program that encouraged students to think outside the box, mixing historical Victorian fashion with industrial technology to create steampunk-inspired garments

Leah Gose - Assistant Professor, Photography
Gose was honored for her series of photographs titled “Windowless Wonderings.” The series, created through the long-distance collaboration with AS+LG Co Lab, explores the continued human experience of separation and isolation despite our ever-growing immersion and involvement in a very connected global community.

Michael Hetu – Staff, Admissions
Hetu’s published several pieces on the website ApartmentTherapy.com in which he profiled several interesting and beautiful homes throughout Michigan, interviewing their owners and taking photographs.

Amy Johnson - Adjunct Instructor, Graphic Design
Johnson created a mini-flip booklet inspired by a conversation between Charles Eames and interviewer Madam Amic. The book was designed to be small enough to fit into a shirt pocket or purse and to interpret the unique dynamics of that conversation into a two-dimensional format.

Darlene Kaczmarczyk – Professor, Photography
Kaczmarczyk presented a paper at the Society for Photographic Education National Conference that discussed the ways in which we interact with food through photography – particularly when used for things like advertising, cookbooks, and social media – as well as changing attitudes toward food and nutrition.

Dr. Marsely Kehoe - Assistant Professor, Art History
Dr. Kehoe published a journal article examining the planning of the city of Jakarta, Indonesia (formerly called Batavia) by the Dutch East India Company. She discussed the ways in which the city plan claimed to promote equality while actually creating a social hierarchy based on colonialism and control.

Tara McCrackin - Assistant Professor, Interior Design
McCrackin gave a presentation at the 2015 International Interior Design Association National Certification for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) Roadshow on the merits of the NCIDQ exam for students in the field of interior design. She focused particularly on research regarding salary, job title, and promotion in a professional setting.

Deborah Rockman – Professor, Drawing
Rockman had her work featured in several exhibitions, including a retrospective of her work at Coastal Carolina University titled “The Danger of Being Born (De Novo).” Her work focuses on the societal contradictions and the parallel worlds of truth and deception.

Adam Schuitema - Associate Professor and Program Chair, General Education
Schuitema published a novel titled Haymaker that follows a small town in Michigan as it is taken over by a libertarian organization that decides to claim the town as their base of operations. Conflict results as the community is divided against itself in a firestorm of small town politics.

Brenda Sipe - Director of Continuing Studies
Sipe was recognized for her participation in a two-person art exhibition titled “Transitional Structures” that took place in Indiana. Her work concentrated on a theme of flight. As a part of the exhibition, Sipe was also invited to present a gallery talk and give a workshop for high school students in the area.

Natalie Wetzel - Assistant Professor, Sculpture and Functional Art
Wetzel participated in a number of performances that featured her wearable sculptures. She also published an article in UK-based magazine Tribe that investigates transdisciplinary approaches to personal studio practice.

Danielle Wyckoff - Assistant Professor, Drawing
Wyckoff had her installation work exhibited in a solo exhibition titled “emerging, dissolving” in Portland, OR that included long, suspended scrolls of handmade paper covered with stories about love. She was also commissioned to create a public work of art in the Park City Library in Park City, UT that consisted of a series of large screenprinted panels covered in stories she collected from local residents.

Brad Yarhouse - Assistant Professor and Program Chair, Digital Media
Yarhouse was recognized for two presentations he gave on the interactions of comics and new media. These presentations examined the effects of interactivity and hybridization on the comic medium in relation to the potential for growth and the possible drawbacks involved.

Diane Zeeuw – Professor and Program Chair, MA in Visual and Critical Studies/Painting
Zeeuw published a scholarly article focused on dealing with mental illness within the educational system, particularly in regards to schizophrenia. She questioned the effectiveness of current practices and made suggestions on how to better include and educate those with schizophrenia.

Two current students and one alumnus were also recognized:

Eana Agopian and Emily Cobb – Students, MFA Printmaking
Agopian and Cobb exhibited their collaborative piece “Euthalia” at the Southern Graphics Council (SGC) International Conference in Knoxville as part of a large outdoor group exhibition. The installation, made up of hundreds of large leaf prints, referenced the medicinal weeds native to the area.

Taylor Overbey – Alumnus (’12, Digital Media; ’15, MFA Painting)
Overbey exhibited his oil on panel assemblages in a two-person show in Muskegon, MI titled “Characters and Controversy.” He also published a children’s book titled “The I-Wants and the Gimmies” that he both authored and illustrated.

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