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News Bites: Interior Design Students Collaborate with Carnegie Fabrics for Unique Class Project

Posted April 16, 2014 in News BitesInterior Design

Interior Design professor Lee Davis recently reached out to New York City-based company Carnegie Fabrics to create a unique design experience for the students in her Senior Studio B class. The students were tasked with finding a new and innovative way to utilize Xorel, a technologically advanced and environmentally sound textile produced by Carnegie that enables a wide range of design possibilities to be realized.

“We have always found working with students to be incredibly rewarding and humbling,” said Heather Bush, creative executive vice president at Carnegie Fabrics. “When they’re encouraged to free think and experiment, the process is all about discovery and collaboration."

Carnegie chose projects by students Courtney Wierzbicki and Ashley Flamion as the most outstanding in the class.

Courtney Wierzbicki (left) with Carnegie Fabrics rep Jen Korel (click to enlarge)

Ashley Flamion (left) and Carnegie Fabrics rep Jen Korel (click to enlarge)

Wierzbicki proposed adapting Xorel to produce a soundproof and magnetic wall covering for workspaces.

Rendering of Courtney Wierzbicki's final design (click to enlarge)

“Courtney’s project was impressive for the depth her thinking,” said Bush. “The design of the tiles became more decorative with the performance properties built into the material.”

Flamion used Xorel to create a custom product she dubbed LightBox.

Rendering of Ashley Flamion's final design (click to enlarge)

“Ashley’s comprehensive research of the Xorel product possibilities was apparent in the description of the advantages of her project,” said Bush. “She proposed to create a product that could fully utilize and explore the many properties and design attributes of Xorel to an extent that enabled branding and customization.”

For their efforts, Wierbicki and Flamion have been invited by Carnegie Fabrics to attend the Chicago Neocon Trade Fair in June.

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