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Fashion Studies

3+1 = 110%

Why does our unique "3+1" program make sense?

You’ll find that getting the best of Kendall will help you make the most of FIT. Because the first three years of the program are at a competitive Midwest school, you will be better prepared to take advantage of your time in NYC. Spending three years at Kendall, along with guided exposure to urban fashion centers and internships, will provide a solid introduction to the big-city fashion world. And you can start your career without a mountain of debt.

The Strengths of Kendall

  • A legacy of design excellence, including solid training in both analytical and design skills
  • A well-rounded general education
  • A full 4-year degree to add strength to your résumé

The Strengths of FIT

  • Aggressive preparation for the fashion world
  • An environment at the center of artistic inspiration. FIT is right on 7th Avenue, or “Fashion Avenue,” in the heart of the Fashion District.
  • Exclusive resources such as the Shirley Goodman Fashion Resource Center and the FIT Museum
  • A degree from a prestigious school recognized throughout the fashion industry
  • Important connections to provide a foot in the door for your career


  • Students are encouraged to take part in an internship opportunity during the program. These real-life experiences complement the classroom and offer hands-on learning you can apply to your own career.
  • Internships may be anywhere in the world, including local, national and international opportunities. Imagine spending a summer with a designer, clothing manufacturer, trend forecaster, retail establishment, or movie or theater costumer… the possibilities are endless.
  • Students must meet certain quality standards to be recommended for an internship. The program will strive to prepare all students for this experience.
  • Obtaining an internship may require completing applications, writing to the designer, showing work, and/or taking individual initiative, along with Kendall’s recommendations and support.